Danike van der Post

Danike van der Post - BPhys (UKZN)

Owner / Principal Physiotherapist

Danike obtained her physiotherapy degree in 2011 at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal.  After completing her degree she completed her year of Community Service at Eshowe District Hospital. While there, she saw a variety of hospital in-patients, including neurological, medical, orthopaedic, surgical and paediatric patients as well as outpatients.  She then moved back to Durban and started working for a private physiotherapy practice. Danike spent time treating out-patients, mostly musculoskeletal patients, and giving pilates-based exercise classes for patients with lower back pain. She also spent time in-hospital treating medical, neurosurgical, and most notably, spending large amounts of time working with both medical and surgical cardiac patients.  From there she started her own practice largely based around treating cardiac surgical in-patients. Now she sees a variety of cardiopulmonary patients as well as out-patients, offering cardiac rehabilitation on an out-patient basis as well.

Sri-Vani Govender

Sri-Vani Govender - BPhys (UKZN)


Sri-Vani obtained her physiotherapy degree in year 2014 at the University of KwaZulu Natal.  She gained her initial clinical experience at Montebello hospital in the iLembe health district treating patients with a range of conditions including pediatrics, cerebral palsy, stroke, respiratory.  There she was also involved in pain management groups and outreach programs at three different clinics, namely Chibini, KwaNyuswa and Esidumbini.  She then went on to join the private practice at Danike van der Post Physiotherapy where she mainly treats surgical cardio thoracic patients in-hospital and out-patients with musculoskeletal conditions.  She continues to upskill her knowledge and expertise by completing  applicable courses in her field. Her interests currently lie in cardio-thoracic rehabilitation and neurology.

Faye Blanshard

Faye Blanshard


With over 15 years of administration experience, Faye’s skills developed working in the private investigation industry, security sector and the specialist investigations unit for a well known insurance company in SA.  Faye also has a well rounded reception management and secretarial background with a major pharmaceutical corporation in the UK.
Faye took up a position at Danike van der Post Physiotherapy in 2016, running with the establishment of practice's accreditation, accounts and managing systems.  Faye has significant organisational and communication expertise and is responsible for overseeing the daily running of the practice. As practice manager, Faye runs the practice with quality assurance and efficiency for patients, staff, medical aids and hospitals.